People mistake me for a man all the time (I am an Asian woman with hair that is somewhere in the world of Jenny Shimizu’s, Rihanna’s and Justin Bieber’s hairstyles). It is amazing how often it happens and the wide spectrum of outfits I have worn when this mistake occurs. Sure, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt when I am wearing a large, thick sweatshirt, but when I’m wearing a v-neck tee with colorful printed storks on it and I’m not wearing a bra, can we take a damn moment to take a look before calling me a ‘sir’? Do I actually need to show you my bare breasts and vagina? Sorry, my hair is like Rihanna’s but I’m not Rihanna. Plus, it’s not that people ever even have to address gender-specifically. Someone even looked at me incredulously once after I presented my ID for club entry (my driver’s license photo has me with my long-gone tresses) and said without taking a breath, “You’re a liar!” After I stared him down, he quickly realized his mistake and proceeded to make excuses about it. Yes, bitch, I cut my hair and you are a moron for thinking I would give you a fake ID with somehow unflinching confidence and without a fistful of other cards proving my identity stashed in my jean pocket.

However, there are moments that I appreciate gender confusion. Genderfuck is a conscious effort to mess with traditionally held standards of gender identity (DO NOT [,crazy bouncer,] confuse that or use that as an excuse to fuck with me existing in my own skin/hairstyle. I am not genderfucking by BEING, I am just me, a woman!). There is an annual party at Stanford called Genderfuk (technically with an umlaut, pronounced gender fyook), and people dress up, cross-dress, don’t dress. It is wildly fun and sometimes shocking. There are also quite a few models like Elliott Sailors who are females working often as male models. Ah, good bone structure! Also, moments like this… MotoCorsa up in Portland, OR decided, after yet another typical boring Ducati motorbike photoshoot with yet another bikini model, decided to shake things up a bit. And I must say, they did an excellent job. If you are grossed out… I’m not sorry because you don’t have a sense of humor. To grow one, try moving to the Bay Area for a bit. Or apparently, Portland!


But I digress – I like these moments because they allow people to express themselves and remove conventions people hold, at least briefly. And with Elliott and the Manigale MotoCorsa photoshoot – it really highlights, to me, the ridiculous standards to which women are held in the modeling industry, and how it inevitably affects women in society. In addition to that great bone structure, one of the reasons Elliott began exploring modeling as a male was because she, at 31 (but clearly still with an exquisite face and figure), was no longer getting calls for conventional female shoots. And the hopefully at least somewhat satirical Manigale shoot reflects how ridiculous it is that we require these women to not only look perfect but to pose uncomfortably in the most ridiculous ways, to allure and please men (yes, I know, women buy motorcycles too. but still… main purpose of these shoots would be to attract men).

And sometimes, it’s just fun. Example: my best friend donned a wig yesterday for Halloween – he was Miss Bon Qui Qui.


Some thoughts:

Bully Sticks – Dog Owners! You know of these helpful, pungent little things. Kai is currently going ham on a braided bully. It is truly a great way to distract the little buggers, despite the odor. Did you all know that they’re made of bull penises, though? Yeah, I didn’t either. Something to ponder.

Anyone, but mostly recruiters – Please manage your time. Be prompt and responsive. If you are soliciting on LinkedIn and then you schedule a call, why would you be late? Am I being too difficult, or is that just rude? Personally, I suppose I am also rude… I arrive early… but I do always call on time. Bully for me!

Passive aggression – Workplace agitator and morale killer! Unless incompetence is involved, there is no need nor place for passive aggression. It is absolutely the worst when the doer is the one who exhibits incompetence through passive aggressive actions.

Backdoor bragging – Made famous on that one 30 Rock episode! Jenna loves to back-door brag, and so do so many individuals who on some level have bought into the Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area life of one-upping and keeping up with the Joneses and all that. It is infuriating and I wish I weren’t here sometimes. I feel like, while at Stanford, I found myself so enveloped in this mentality and the back-door bragging that oft accompanies this mentality that I limited my life and career choices in a, in hindsight, very soul-crushing way. More on this later, probably.

Bully. :( Happy humpday, all.


Dusting this off. It’s been a while, but I felt the need to bring this back.

Some basic changes were made to reflect a more positive outlook on life I’m hoping to attain/reflect. However, this is a truly confusing and overwhelming time in my life at the moment… so enjoy.

Kaizen means ‘good change’ in Japanese. It is also the name of my recently acquired shiba inu pup (I call him Kai for short).

Running is another thing I greatly enjoy. Love shoes, apparel, wearing and living the active lifestyle.

Life is just life. It is what you make it, and I’ve always been very negative about it. Maybe someday that will change, and that is my hope as well. But for now, the reality is that my posts won’t always be very positive.

On that note… life updates.

The shiba pup. He is hilarious and infuriating. It feels like he generates more pee than I give him in food and water. He is also terribly adorable.

I took the LSAT earlier this month. Things were mentally placed on the fast-track, but immediately after taking the test I felt an emptiness that was either or both that I didn’t care enough about law school and that I just don’t know about life in general.

One of my bosses at work just sent me a gchat about a potential Sriracha shortage. Apparently, the city of Irwindale, CA has cracked down on the Sriracha factory located there due to many reports of unsavory smells emanating from said factory. They really just need to deal with it though. Or we all have to create a Kickstarter for some sort of odor-neutralizing aerating whatever machine. My boss keeps a bottle on her desk… I thought I’d be cut off until further notice on the case, but she says: “no, we will share in what could be the last few precious drops and the tears that follow.”

Truly a sad day.

Briefly back to my sad overview… I basically do not want to be a paralegal anymore. I want to do something more substantial and involved. I want to manage something (but not necessarily someone). But I have no idea what that is.

This blog will hopefully be a somewhat regularly updated brain fart of shiba photos, running expedition recaps, possible product reviews (assuming I ever replace my worn Saucony A5s), and general updates on my life.



Bags. for men and women who, like me, need to feel like they are carrying something functional and ‘artsy’ and ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’ and ‘unique’ but isn’t something that is actually being carried by every other equally pretentious (yes i’ll admit i am at least a smidge) but not as good at finding hidden design gems floating in space somewhere in the world… people.

so here i am, now revealing my finds to a hopefully limited audience and also an audience who will keep the knowledge of these bags mostly to themselves.

yes i like gray bags.  i like them in grayish army green, too (see the jennyndesign bag) – but everyone’s been telling me that it’s pretty much gray as well.

James Teal + Monika. England + Austria.
back in etsy days, they were Working Class Heroes. now they are hardgraft, with a line of laptop sleeves, and cases for phones, wallets, moleskines and various other products.


they have the same types of products as does hardgraft, but at a lower price point and admittedly less ‘elite’ (apparently leather makes everything more so, but i don’t quite care personally) but at the very least not any less durable or fashionable. plus, if you’re the type who can’t handle the expense of having a full 100% tanned vegetable leather exterior (not to mention making sure never to spill or do anything to damage it), you may want to go with COTEetCIEL’s neoprene, cotton canvas, and recycled bottle fabrics that might provide some better peace of mind.

very functional and great price point for a genuine leather bag.


expormim designs

i just found this Spanish furniture design company that is fabulous and I have no idea if there is a comparable company in the United States.  Even their website is immaculate, both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.  Only logistically, they have no stockists in the US…

while their lines, categorized ‘IN’, ‘OUT’, and ‘RATTAN’, are nothing mind-blowing or revolutionary, they are undoubtedly the ideally crisp representation of contemporary furniture that is not purely architectural (what i mean is modern in form and essence but visibly uncomfortable… i have IKEA trash in mind).  the lines are clean, the color palettes of the various sets are pure and well-matched and the construction is solid and made with style, function and also sustainability (a big plus!!) in mind.

if i ever get rich… i’m importing expormim interior designers and furniture.

here are some collections that expormim put together:


new Starbucks cup size, introduced Ellen-style


Starbucks has a new cup size, the TRENTA!!!!

Here is a video of Ellen DeGeneres introducing the 4 cup sizes in hilarious fashion and a cup comparison of the trenta and the venti sizes.


Really, though, the differences between the tall and grande, venti and trenta are miniscule.  they’re like coffee cup Lilliputian and Brobdingnagian twins, respectively.  ok not that extreme, but you get my point.  and i wonder if there is a ‘short’ cup size?

i also just wanted to inform everyone that as of right now, wikipedia is not working.  i tried to make sure my Gulliver’s Travels references were accurate, and it appears that the wiki server is down.  so I used the next best thing, sparknotes.  ahh, high school…